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Natural Images by Bourgette photography

This website contains photographs taken with digital cameras and I-phones of our natural
There is beauty everywhere.   These images bring that beauty to you to uplift and enhance your
life.  My name is Barbara Bourgette and it is truly a joy to share the essence of Nature with you.


I am a Nature guided photographer inspired by flowers, trees, sea and sky. I have been
taking photographs since I could hold a camera. Horticultural photography is a particular
source of joy for me. I've developed a keen eye for the large and small things in Nature that
are my subjects.  Another source of joy is to share my photography knowledge with others.
That is the reason I love to give individualized basic digital photography lessons and
presentations and workshops to various groups.

My previous career in Radiology helped me to appreciate the preciousness of our daily lives.
For many years, I've x-rayed the inner workings of the human body and now I create images of
the world outside of the body, a world that is deeply connected to all of us.

Photography is all about "The Light". When something beautiful catches my eye, that light
travels to the center of my being, and the camera becomes an extension of what I am seeing,
experiencing, and feeling in that moment when "The Light" calls me to photograph it.

I am a member of the Wickford Art Association and the FemFocus photography group.
My work has been exhibited in local galleries.
I have participated in local art festivals and art shows.
My work hangs in healthcare facilities, homes and offices in the United States.
My photographs have been published in magazines, book and CD covers.
I have given many presentations on photography related subjects to
garden clubs, horticultural organizations, and photography clubs.
With Gratitude,
     Barbara Bourgette
Natural Images by Bourgette  Photography

Creating Beauty from the Essence of Nature
Natural Images by Bourgette Photography at BarbaraBourgette.com