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Great News!  

Currently I'm writing several e-books with photos and
text related to the natural world.  

At some point in the future they will be self-published,
however, there is no publication date yet.

I am also contemplating starting a blog regarding my horticultural
interests.  I'm not sure if this will happen this year or next.

I am still teaching digital photography.  Please see below.

I specialize in horticultural photography and giving photography
lessons to individuals.  I love sharing my knowledge of
photography with folks who want to become more at ease with
their digital cameras or I-phones .

I give basic digital photography lessons for those who have an
entry level DSLR, Iphone, or a simple point and shoot camera. If
you live in the Rhode Island area,
please click "Contact Us"
if you are interested in learning more about my
photography lessons.
Natural Images by Bourgette  Photography

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